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Most pressure washing companies rely on cold water and high pressure machines to clean with: these out dated methods usually lead to expensive damages and problematic results.


Creative Exterior provides pressure washing services to help keep your existing property clean and damage free. Even though we specialize in hot water for tough oil, grease, and grime, we use low-pressure for most vertical surfaces to avoid any type of structural or electrical damage.


The old method of using high pressure can not only damage your siding but also damage window screens, blow seals in thermo-pane windows and force water behind vinyl siding, causing mold and mildew problems that you can't see!


We use only professional grade detergents that are designed to kill and remove years of dirt, mold, mildew and other airborne pollution that can cause expensive premature replacement costs, destroying the beauty value of your biggest investment, your home.


Pressure washing is the most effective and affordable way to prevent future cost or possible future repairs.


Having a clean home will also enhance your overall curb appeal, please your neighbors, and keep the HOA in your favor.


Try our Bundle package to have your over all home and property looking like new.  Bundle includes house washing, roof cleaning, and driveway cleaning.





Roof shingles are made of lime stone which soaks up moisture like a sponge and quickly become a breeding ground for algae, moss, mildew, and rotten shingles.

The end result is an unsightly appearance which lowers the curb appeal of your home or business.


Creative Exterior provides low pressure roof cleaning to rid your roof of black streaks.


Those ugly stains on your roof (algae/roof mold) can be cleaned.

Many home owners are unaware of this and think the only solution to this problem is to replace the shingle. If there are no leaks and no missing shingles, then there is no reason to replace your roof.


The cost of cleaning a roof is a small fraction of the cost it would be to replace your roof.


Another thing to remember is that nearly 50% of the total view of your home is the roof. So if you have a stained roof, it shows!

The curb appeal and clean appearance of your Commercial Property, reflects the pride and commitment you have to your customers and future customers.


Creative Exterior can offer a low cost preventive maintenance solution to this problem.


With our professional equipment and experience, we are more than capable of tackling the dirtiest jobs.


Not only is appearance important but so is customer safety. It's not unusual for this ultra high traffic business to have hundreds and many times thousands of customers a day, which means hundreds or thousands of cars.


Oil, grease, antifreeze, and fuel soaked concrete can build up over time to create a huge liability for your company.


At Creative Exterior we use professional grade detergents, and hot water to thoroughly clean and brighten concrete to a level that only a professional pressure washer can achieve.



- Houses

- Brick

- Flat Work

- Driveways

- Sidewalks

- Decks

- Shed / Barns

- Separate Garages

- Fences

- Swings

- Gazebos

- Strip Decks

- Graffiti Removal



- Building Washing

- Sidewalk Cleaning

- Concrete Cleaning

- Dumpster Pad

- Gum Removal

- Concrete Stain Removal

- Hotels

- Schools

- Apartments

- Parking Lots

- Parking Decks - Drive thrus

- Recreational Courts

- Swings

- Graffiti Removal

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